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With expert practitioners of the Grafton Technique (GT), injury-related adhesions in muscles and tendons will be removed.


Using six stainless steel tools, your body will be palpated in order to detect and solve your problems. With this technique, you will achieve pain relief and regain strength.

ART is short for Active Release Technique, a successful, cutting edge injury rehabilitation tool.


ART will restore the smooth movement of your tissues and release trapped nerves and blood vessels, reducing pain and improving your strength.

Restore muscle movement with ART technique

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Resolve muscle and tendon issues

 •  Active Release Technique

 •  Grafton Technique

 •  Restore smooth tissue movement

 •  Release trapped nerves

 •  Release trapped blood vessels

 •  Detect and remove muscle adhesions

 •  Detect and remove tendon adhesions

 •  Alleviate pain and build strength

Complete sports injury rehabilitation options

Once you've invested in rehabilitating your body after an injury, start improving your physique with nutritional assistance, weight loss programs, chiropractic services, and more. Call us today to ask about the total package so you can take responsibility for your overall health.

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